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Elite Art Lab, Wholesale Sublimated Clothing Manufacturers in the USA

Elite Sublimation, is the leading USA manufacturer for sublimated clothing. We supply high quality, fully sublimated custom apparel and accessories in bulk at wholesale prices. We provide corporate houses, school and sports teams an opportunity to put their stamp on every piece of garment that they order through the use of sublimation.

We Manufacture a Wide Range of Sublimated Clothing and Accessories in the USA

We at Elite Sublimation, work with a highly experienced expert team of designers and have access to cutting-edge technology that puts us in a favorable position to offer an extensive selection of sublimated clothing that are one-of-a-kind. We design and manufacture basketball, football jerseys, school uniforms, shorts, tees, jackets and all other types of sublimated items. Our products and services maintain a high standard of quality and we offer our superior quality products in bulk at economical prices. Our range of manufactured garments using dye sublimation technique extends to suit virtually any kind of requirement.

With Custom Options, We Can Make Your Design Dreams Become a Reality

We understand that dye-sublimation printing technique offers endless design opportunities and hence, we do not wish to restrict your creative flow. Our sublimation clothing and accessories can be fully personalized to meet your individualized preferences and specifications. Contact us to discuss your unique wholesale requirements and we will create a custom product geared towards your needs.

We Deliver 100% Quality Sublimated Clothing in the USA, Canada and Abroad

Elite Sublimation is the leading, reputable clothing manufacturer in the USA. We have our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, but we serve the competitive global markets in Canada and Australia as well. No matter where you are, if you need sublimation products in bulk, just remember us.

Call us if you need any more information on how we might be able to help you!


What does sublimation mean in clothing?

Sublimation is a type of printing technique. When heat is applied to heat-sensitive ink, that ink turns into gas, leaving a fine print on the surface. Sublimation is a cutting edge technology in the textiles. Dye sublimation printing lasts longer, settles well on fabrics and offers an overall higher quality product. Sublimation, unlike other forms of printing, does not put a layer on the clothes. This allows the clothing to be more comfortable and breathable.

In the printing process, a range of advanced tools and infrastructures are used that could be a bit costly (Reason #1 why many manufacturers still stick with old techniques). If you’re looking for high quality prints for apparel, sublimation is the print you should always look for.

What is a sublimation t-shirt?

Sublimation is a type of dye print that is widely used on apparels these days. A sublimation t –shirt will be more colorful and graphic rich than t-shirts created with other techniques.

One of the reasons why this printing technique has risen to prominence in recent times in the textiles industry is because of its benefits. Sublimated apparels, unlike other print wears, are of much higher quality and easily breathable. The graphics on these t-shirts don’t form a layer on but instead gets absorbs into the fabric. For this reason, it has become very popular in the fitness and sports clothing niche.

What is a sublimated hoodie?

Generally speaking, sublimated hoodies are colorful and graphic-rich jackets. Sublimation printing is a type of printing that many manufacturers are using these days. The process includes liquid ink that turns into gas when heat is applied. So when you will touch a sublimated hoodie, although with graphics, you won’t feel a print layer on the surface. That’s because the ink, turning into gas, penetrates through the fabric, leaving no additional layer outside. So you will usually find sublimated apparels much more comfortable and lighter with higher wicking and ventilation.

What is sublimation printing and how does it work?

Sublimation printing is a new-age printing technique that uses advanced tools and state-of-art infrastructure. It includes printer ink, custom software, transfer paper, and fabric. When heat is transferred to ink, the ink evaporates and turns into gas, which then penetrates through the fabric, taking shape that was on the transfer paper. There’s no real layer formation on the textile as is the case with screen printing. This gives the clothing much better ventilation properties and makes it a lighter weight.

What is sublimation printing on jerseys?

It’s a relatively new type of printing technique that includes liquid ink turning into gas. Heat is applied through the printer on heat-prone ink, which then evaporates and turns into gas. This gas then seeps through the pores on the fabric, taking the desired shape, without forming a layer or print in the surface, which is usually the case with screen printing.

Jerseys made using sublimation printing are called sublimated jerseys. They are of much better quality, as opposed to apparels with other types of printing, since they allow, breathability, stretch and last longer.

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